Understanding Grief 4-part series

Spring 2024

NSHPCA will host a 4-part series over the course of the next few months with host Hilary Scott, who is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, as well as a Certified Peer Support Specialist Canada, providing Support-Navigation-Education to groups interested in grief.

February 16, 2024: Session 1 – Understanding Grief – The Basics 

March 8, 2024: Session 2 Part A – The Language of Loss – Supporting Others

April 19, 2024: Session 3 Part B – The Language of Loss – Supporting Others

May 3, 2024: Session 4 – Supporting Yourself – With Compassion and Understanding

There is no cost and all sessions are held over Zoom from noon-1pm. To register, send your name and email address to  cmckellar@nshpca.ca. A Zoom link will then be sent.


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