May 16, 1921 - September 21, 2021
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I met Dr. Mack through my in-laws way back in 1992 on my first visit to Nova Scotia. Dr. Mack was someone my husband respected and was someone that he wanted me to me. My understanding was that Dr. Mack played a big role in bringing the Awad family to Nova Scotia. Whenever we came to Halifax, Brian and I would regularly visit with Dr. Mack and his lovely wife Kaye in their home overlooking the Northwest Arm. They were a couple that made me feel so comfortable here in Nova Scotia even though I was “a come from away”. Tea with crackers and cheese were always offered along with tales from their sailing adventures. At one point, when we were considering moving to Halifax they offered us their “cottage” to live in just down the laneway from the main house. In 1996, they came to our wedding in Ontario. Driving their blue Cadillac from the east coast with our wedding gift safely tucked in the backseat–artwork from one of their favourite artists. But, my fondest memory of Dr. Mack was we our first child arrived. Dr. Mack and my husband shared a love of sailing. They frequently looked at maps or sailing parts down in Dr. Mack’s workroom when we visited. So when our little one arrived, Dr. Mack came to the hospital for a visit. He quietly walked into the room with his usual kind and gentle smile carrying a life jacket. The perfect size for a baby. The jacket had a blue ribbon on it with a special note wishing us many happy adventures with our new family member. We used the life jack for our three of our children and it still is with us after 19 years. I can’t bare to part with it. Brian and I continue to miss Dr. Mack but think of him every time we sail.


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